Gabe Gotay


Who am I anyway? What brought you to my site? I know for many, it’s people I’ve met in my day-to-day life in Dallas. We live in one of the most beautiful, artistic, and business savvy communities in the country. Maybe some of you just found me by chance. Either way, let me introduce myself:

My name is Luis Gabriel Gotay. I’m a full time marketing coordinator for a local business, a full time student, and a part time web developer. I work with local business to help build a presence on the web that can be accessed anywhere. Business today is done across multiple devices, from smart phones to desktops, that need to be able to display your brand and message.

I provide the same quality of product as a large marketing firm but offer the flexibility, affordability, and personality that comes with working with an individual. My clients aren’t a number in an accounting software, they’re partners I know and work with personally.