Gabe Gotay


While I am a part time programmer, I offer many of the same services as a full time marketing firm that a growing company needs as it scales its online brand. My services specifically tailor your website or platform for the areas of growth you’re most targeting.

Online Marketing Consulting

There are many different directions to go when you put your company online. Are you looking to have a platform for your users to consume your content and generate traffic? Or are you looking to optimize your site for search engine traffic? Are you looking to see if your current site is performing as optimally as it could?

I can sit down with you and listen to what you want for your business, then guide you into the services to help you succeed. Contact me to schedule a meeting and discuss your best options.

Website Design & Development

Maybe this is your first step into putting your brand online, or maybe you’re looking to start fresh. A new website, designed around your needs and tastes, is the best way to get a foothold online and begin growing your business.

I work around the design ideas you’ve already built for your branding, and build a website that not only looks like your brand, but functions how you want it to. No drag and drop templates, no sharing a theme with a million other websites, a custom site built to grow with you is the best way to get started.

On-Site Technical Audit

Does your website load slow? Does it seem like no matter how much you invest into SEO, you never gain the top listings on Google? A large part of Search Engine Algorithms is the technical performance of a website.

If images aren’t optimized (as they are usually not in “drag-and-drop” website builders), scripts are loading too slowly, or anything else that causes a slower user experience on your website, Google and Bing will drop search rankings. I can provide technical audits on what needs to be fixed to make your site as optimal as possible.